Aug 26, 2009

Drifting Cars

Time has changed the sense of Sport in people’s minds these days. Bored from Formula 1 and other grand Prix events, people are slowly shifting their interest and focus towards X-games and sports like Drifting Competitions which are action packed as well as more entertaining. The basic essence of drift starts from adolescence when everyone wants to drift his/her car like the actor in Tokyo Drift or more spectacularly like Mr. Drift King. No one can curb his emotions after seeing that movie.

When it comes to the real business part, things become tricky and not so easy. Seeing a drifting car in action is a feast to one’s eyes but experiencing a drift is an entirely different illusion.

Drifting Cars

Many enthusiasts across the globe want to buy the best drift cars to fulfill their ambitions of an ultimate drift journey. Many of you would take suggestions or search for forums where you can gain the drift experience hand-on. Choosing a drift car is an issue based on experience and brand. Many multinational brands across the world make cars which they portray as family cars. Hardly 1% of you might know that some of the most elegant cars are the ones which are the wildest drifters on the road.

Important details like cost, power to weight ratio, upgrade possibilities in the basic model, customization flexibility, power parts availability and fuel efficiency are some of the basic ingredients that make or break your decision in choosing a drift car. Let us have a look at the strongest drift cars present on the road.

Starting with Nissan, the Silvia RPS13 or the 180SX, 200SX or the 240SX is a devil on the road. People say that a drift competition looks incomplete without the presence of a Nissan Silvia. It is an old warhorse which is still a tough competitor. Its age on road makes it easy for us to find parts and even cars at a good affordable price. This car has seen engine uplifts from 175 CC to 210 CC and even changes in its body to support better road grip while drifting. It might be used a speed/sports coupe’ in many parts of the world but when it comes to drifts; this car changes the entire philosophy.

Nissan PS13 is quite similar to RPS13 but due to overlapping release schedules, it is hard to find an unmodified version of both the cars these days. The Silvia S13 and 180SX faced some problems during drift tests. Many a times these cars crashed due to a balancing problem between the front and the rear-ends.

Nissan decided to end the misery of S13 in 1993 when a complete improvised version was launched in the form of Silvia S14. With improved variable weight flexibility and handling, turbo changes and engine re-configurations; this car made good progress as a drift-happy car on roads. A 400 bhp engine and weight balancing meant that no further modifications were required for this car.

Drifting Cars

Shifting our focus towards the much awaited Nissan Skyline; we find that it is one of the most flexible cars when it comes to rough drifts on road. Among the many releases of this car, the one with the 2.0L engine is the best in this business. The compatibility of an RB and SR engine swap makes it the top choice. Nissan realized that the first release was getting older and hence they decided to launch 2 new versions of Nissan Skyline in the form of Skyline R33 GT-T and R34 GT-T. While R33 excelled in handling, crude weight and engine upgrades; R34 gained in more speed and agility. Slowly people started believing that it is a car meant for races and not sideway stunts.

Nissan Skyline RWD versions are the best for drifting. At an astonishing 280 bhp engine output and an impeccable handling; this car is surely the flag bearer of Nissan.

Nissan 350Z is a dream car for drift enthusiasts. The 3.5L V6 engine is a monster within itself. It is tough to handle a car drift at such a high speed but this car manages to do it perfectly.

Toyota cars have been in this business for quite a long time as well. The legendary Toyota Corolla AE86 is one of the finest ever cars that drifted beautifully. The last version of these cars in the form of RWD models are still liked by many till today. On a track for drift competitions, one can still spot this old wagon showing off its true colors in great style. Japanese even designed a drift game based on these cars. A powerful 135 BHP engine was worth a deal during the ‘90s.

Altezza is truly a luxury sedan but a powerful drift car at the same time. It was designed to compete with BMW-3 series cars as well as the Mercedes C-Class. Though it failed in that segment; but it proved its worth on drift tracks. A massive 220 bhp engine and with automatic transmission helps a driver keep his focus entirely on the drift timings. Its compatibility with the Supra 2JZ engines makes it a more valuable asset for Toyota.

Drifting Cars

The Cressida is one of the best candidates from Toyota on road today. With a great chassis, headlights, tail-lights and body, it is a sensational car. When people think of customizing modifying the features of their cars, they always prefer a Cressida configuration on a Cresta base. The most popular cars from the Cressida family are JZX90 and the JZX100. The cars suffered some drawbacks and loopholes when it first hit the drift tracks. Hence, Toyota launched the new Tourer-V model to comprehend the issues. With a much rigid body and an upgraded suspension, this car was very close to perfection.

Many sub-versions for the same car were launched which makes it difficult to tune it up with varied configurations. The JZX series marked the end of its era with the launch of the best models from its kitty in the form of JZX 90 Mark-II and JZX100 Chaser. Not only these models mesmerized everyone with their looks, but they were a real beast on road after proper tune up.

Supra is yet another dream car which is very popular across the globe. Supra was the ultimate model launched by Toyota to counteract the sales of Nissan Skyline GTR. Since this car also belongs to the RWD , we have many versions available in the form of Mark-I, Mark-II, Mark-III and Mark-IV. It is evident from its History that this car is not cheap. But the compensation it delivers because of its on-road performance is beyond imagination. A small investment can uplift the car’s capability to a large extent.

Soarer is yet another expensive car from Toyota which is not seen often. People with an extreme taste for speed and style go for this car.

MR2 is a very common drift car which is manufactured by Toyota. It is the best economic combo of speed, handling, on road performance and suspension. Enthusiasts with a fixed budget usually go for this option which is quite acceptable.

Honda is yet another champion of the roads in drift segment. The Honda S2000 single handedly outclasses many cars with its terrific configuration. Though it is expensive, yet one can tune it up in a limited budget. It is one of the few cars in the world with the distinction of 50:50 weight balance. As a security concern, it has a super strong chassis. Also, the EPS steering system makes it impossible for drift enthusiasts to use it well but a replacement with the hydraulic steering system will solve this minor problem. By adding a new carbon body kit, the car becomes much heavier which helps in attaining better road grip. This would also need the backup of a 350 bhp engine to make it perfect for road drifts.

Drifting Cars

NSX is only the second car from Honda’s kitty which is suitable for drifts. Backed by a 6 cylinder 270 bhp engine, it is very much suitable for extreme racing. A little tune up would be enough to make it a drift champ. Undoubtedly, it is expensive; hence buying it for the sole purpose of drift is a bad idea. A person with a mixed taste of racing and drifts can surely go for Honda NSX.

Mazda is a hot favorite contender for the best drift cars on the roads. RX-7 is probably the best ever car it has launched till date. FC3S and FD3S are the two famous models of this series which are often seen in drift competitions. The engine has an awesome sound which makes the drift experience more pleasant. Due to its popularity in South Asian countries, the parts for Mazda RX-7 are easily available and it is no surprising news that many parts are used for tune ups in other cars.

RX-8 is yet another popular drift car with minor upgrades. It lacks a turbo-charger which makes its predecessor more popular that RX-8.

MX-5 is a powerful sports car which is often used for drift purpose. With an awesome neutral balance, 50:50 weight ratio, light weight and 150 bhp engine makes it an awesome road car. It is often said one can try this car to this most extreme level; yet one can never have the maximum from it.

Some people have the taste of luxurious drift cars. BMW 3-series, 7 series and convertible M-series cars are perfect for extreme road drifts. All one has to do is to add up more weight for better road stability and change the entire suspension. Moreover, one needs a better temperature regulator to backup the gear shifts and keep the engine temperature at a respectable level.

Z3 and Z4 are other BMW vehicles which are very well suited for the purpose of drifts.

Other carmakers are not so famous in the segment of drift cars but some of their cars are worth appreciating.

Some of the examples include the Mercedes 190E, Porsche RWD models, Suzuki Cappuchino, Volvo 340, Volvo 360, Volvo 740 and many more. Opel’s Omega, Manta, Kadett and Ascona are good road drifters as well. Dodge Viper, Charger and Pontiac Holden Monaro are some of the rare drift cars.

Last but not the least we have the drift cars from Ford. Ford Mustang is a powerful car which has mesmerized the world with its on road performance. It was Mustang that made its appearance as the Hollywood’s first drift car. The roaring V8 sound can make anyone go crazy. Though it is expensive, but it is a perfect blend of speed, acceleration and power.

Ford Escort is an outdated car on road these days. Somehow, it has managed to win the hearts of drift enthusiasts. The FWD MK3 versions have fulfilled the void of an economical powerful car which can handle the pressure of drift as well as normal driving. Though it can deliver a power of just 100 bhp, yet it can very well deliver the requirements of a drift car.

We have discussed a lot about the different drift cars present in the market these days. People always prefer to tune up the drift cars as per their requirements rather than going for a particular brand as a whole. Drift cars have always fascinated adventure seekers from all age groups. It is an era where people have shifted their interest towards drifts rather than simple races.

Sep 2, 2009

How to Drift a Car?

The adventurous sport of Drifting has taken the world by surprise. Be it the super stores or sport accessories shop, heavy mechanical stores or car accessories store, drift accessories have made their presence felt everywhere. Drifting is the need of this hour. Gone are those days when people used to enjoy good for nothing slow races. Now people need more action, more drama and risky challenges. Be it Hollywood or Sports channels, an action movie remains incomplete without a drift sequence and so does a cop drama episode. Though people enjoy this feast, but drifting is surely no child’s play. It requires months of practice to master a single move. Generating the smoke and the screech from the tyres isn’t that easy as it seems. Let us start our lesson on drifting.

Drift Car

First of all we will discuss the prerequisites for drifting. Obviously, the very first thing you need is a car. It should not be any ordinary car but a car that can serve the purpose of drifting quite well. It must have a well serviced engine and good transmission. It should be well equipped with safety kits like roll cage and special racing straps. It should be a rear four wheel drive car. If you are a beginner, then you should use the second hand tyres in the rear end. Though a limited slip differential is optional but it surely helps to learn better. You need a coach or mentor to watch your moves and help you improvise on them. You have to make sure that your car runs on manual transmission. It is practically impossible to learn using automatic transmission.

Our main focus is to teach you drifting and not the different techniques. As a piece of advice for beginners, always practice a lot before hitting the circuit roads. Practicing donuts or circles in one spot is a wonderful way of learning to control the car at various speeds and transmission levels. Practicing donuts towards the right and circles towards the left is a good challenge. Doing both hand in hand helps you achieve a total control of your vehicle at all times. After the expertise in donuts has been achieved, your next big challenge comes in the form of achieving 180 degree complete spins using a handbrake. Practicing these gives you an upper hand during actual drifts. You gain a better control of your vehicle by realizing the best combination of speed, acceleration and brake effort for your vehicle.

Drift Car

These beginner techniques of setting up targets will help in the long run. These drift induction beginner methods also come with a lot of warnings which are more important than the techniques.

First and the foremost warning is that many countries have already banned drifting on local civilian roads. It is an illegal act by putting other lives into danger. You might end up in a jail even if no pedestrian is around. Hence you always have to take care of this fact. Drift is an action packed and adrenaline channelized sport. Sometimes greater speeds can put you in danger. Hence approaching the expertise levels slowly is a good practice. You should never drive at speeds beyond your capability. Drifting puts a lot of load and stress on almost every car part. Hence you should make sure that safety equipments are in place, tyres are good enough to support the pressure of drifts and engine coolants are working. Heavy vehicles like SUVs can easily flip up if you do not control the speed and spin. Drifting a rear wheel drive car is easier as well as safer. Though people nowadays are trying to achieve the same feat using front wheel driven cars, it is very risky and dangerous. Drifting a car in parking stands is the worst option you could choose for yourself. Not only you’ll damage your own vehicle but also spoil someone else’s property.

Drift  Car

Above all, one should always limit the speed of drift. It is recommended that you always analyze the turn and make your decision 100 meters prior as to select the perfect combination of speed, acceleration and brake effort for a safe drift.

Hence drifting a car comes with simple techniques and some assertive warnings as well.